Challenge yourself

I’ve tried so many different blogs. Maybe you’re even redirected from an older one. I don’t stick to it. Like lot’s of things in life. But why?

Because it didn’t work out right away. So I stop. But why not keep trying? Because that takes an effort. But why not do the effort? Because that takes time I don’t have. But why not prioritize it? Because maybe I just find other things more important. Do you? I think so. But why did you wish you’d do it in the first place?

Why not just make it work? 

Really, my inner self is like a smart three-year old questioning EVERYTHING. And it’s super annoying. It just won’t stop asking until I will stop making excuses and surrender. So, we compromised. Instead of doing all or nothing we found middle ground crystallized as a new years resolution.

Do one challenge a month

The idea of doing these challenges is to change habits. Like challenging me to write regularly in order to make it a habit. To get out of the comfort zone. To bite the bullet. It seems that changing habits takes 21 days. A month gives me a little wiggle room. After the first month I should also know whether I like what I do or just the idea of it. Changing habits by doing challenges will help me find out what’s important and to thus reach my goals gradually. Step by step, slow and steady instead of sitting on my ass first, then running a long sprint at the end of the year and falling flat after that.

Nope, that won’t happen even though old habits are very resilient. Especially the not that great or even bad ones. If you don’t change them for good, you will stay right where you are right now. Standing still is like going backwards, since everything else is moving forward. In order to move forward – not sideward – you need to know where to go. You need to know where the goal is. Goals will let you grow. In order to grow, you have to plant a seed. If you plant nothing, weed will grow. The challenges are my seeds. Jadijadija. You get the point.

What are the goals?

  • Financial goal: becoming wealthy
  • Spiritual goal: getting stronger mentally
  • Intellectual goal: building knowledge
  • Social goal: building deeper relationships with family and friends
  • Physical goal: getting healthier

Yes, these goals a pretty vague. If these would be my goals for 2017 I would not reach one of them. But the challenges will serve one or more goals.

What are the criteria of the challenges?

  • realistic: I surely will have to make time for the challenge, but I cannot drop everything else instantly for that challenge. It has to fit into my agenda. Based on the amount of time I have, it has to be doable to win the challenge. Preferably not totally stressed out.
  • specific: I have to do be able to do exactly what the challenge requires without thinking twice what it means. If I don’t know what it means, the challenge is impossible to win.
  • measurable: It’s about changing habits, which means that the challenges will be an ongoing thing. It’s not like: Jump off the roof of a barn. You do it, or you don’t. Therefore, it has to be measurable by something else like time or amount or something.
  • time limited: all challenges will take a month, so this is covered.
  • in writing: Writing it down will hold me accountable. This blog is the writing. Since it’s also public, it will hold me even more accountable. Now, I’m not only accountable to myself, but to all of you!
  • personal: I bet there are a lot of things others would like me to do. But being me is none of their business. The challenges have to serve my goals. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure, I won’t do them.

What if I fail?

I’m not sure what to expect. I’m not yet doing the habit, obviously, so I don’t know what I’m talking about. I only think that I might like the new habit. If, I don’t like the habit after the challenge is finished, I will ditch it. There is no point in depriving and punishing myself because of a challenge. This is not about punishing myself. On the contrary. I will evaluate, though, why I didn’t stick to it and learn something from it hopefully. It’s all about being intentional and finding the right way of living for myself, which is also minimalism.

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