Pleasure Island

I was late to the party in 2015. Apparently there already was a new hype called Minimalism. At first, I only saw Pinterest posts and articles in styling magazines about this new minimalism trend like buy this to rock minimalism! It didn’t seem much different to other trends.

You could get so much stuff called minimalism, like overpriced minimalist design, cheap decoration knock offs, lot’s of simple fast-fashion clothing, a house that falls within the architectural category of minimalism to show off or CD’s in order to listen to minimal. But, how would that change my life in a good way? Do I really stay hip and happening, or happy as they call it, when following this trend? Even though I hate minimal music? Will I really feel great doing so, even though white bleached, straight, half long hair combined with cherry-red lipstick and a grey cable sweater makes me look ill? How long will the thrill of being part of the it-crowd make me happy? Am I part of it or do I just look like? How long will the trend last before a new trend is coming? Should I keep my old trendy stuff, until that trend is coming back? Can I bring back my fake boobs of the 90s in exchange of a big fat ass squeezed into a minimalist bodycon dress? Is this the answer?

That cant be.

And it’s not. It’s a trap. Consumer oriented companies profit from this now trendy lifestyle in order to sell new stuff. They translate a lifestyle in a way so that it becomes everything it’s not.

When you are trapped – when you are constantly looking at social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest or fashion & home decoration magazines or TV or hanging out with likewise brainwashed people – you are trapped in a cell unit full of donkeys without a window. It all works like Google. Your search profile restricts your future search results. For example: If I search Israel in Google, I will find lot’s of information about awesome vacation resorts in Israel. Why? Because it is impossible for Google to show me all search results. So, Google guesses what I might want to see. To Google I’m probably a white European female with a good job, who has nothing to worry about but spending money. If a Palestinian girl searches Israel on Google, I bet the results will be completely different. Thanks to that, I get styling advice when searching for minimalism. If you don’t realize that consumer oriented minimalism isn’t what you were actually looking for, you will end up wearing  white suede creepers to find happiness.

My point is, in other words, that we are on Pleasure Island like all the little boys. You won’t get off of that island unless you jump into the deep, dark ocean on time. If you don’t, you will turn into a donkey and be put into a tiny cell unit of wood ready for slavery. I’m Pinocchio, however, escaping before the Donkey Transformation has completely finished.

Yes, Disney can be a little dramatic. But, I swam to another island, where minimalism is key, after I found minimalism on TED. I was so bored watching season 12841 episode 6 of Keeping up with the Kardashians, that it didn’t take long for me to be convinced by Josh and Ryan of why minimalism is better than Pleasure Island.

Outcome: Instead of buying trendy minimalist stuff, I sold 20 moving boxes full of mostly fast fashion clothes on a flee market in may of last year. 10 moving boxes full of junk got picked up by a second-hand store/goodwill store a month later. Imagine how much stuff that is for someone who has always been able to trow stuff away with ease! I was stunned. Still am. Way more stuff left my home during 2016. And it’s freeing, I can assure you!

I finished 2016 with a lot less stuff and a little more knowledge about what really is important. 2017 is the year to polish it all.

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