Capsule wardrobe

I have a confession to make. It’s necessary, I guess, in order to get this off my chest. Before I found minimalism I was more a fashionista than an intentionalista. Guess what? You can be both!

Since my switch from maximalism to minimalism, I really minimized a lot in all area’s of live in a way that my partner thought he would be next. Clothing however, is my problem. I know it sounds superficial, but it just is.

From boutique owner to capsule master

I used to travel with a suitcase the size of a closet and were able to dress a whole village for a year. I became able to travel with a small backpack, but I somehow wasn’t able to get a capsule wardrobe. I know I don’t have to, but I really wanted to. It felt like if I can do that, than everything will be easy. That’s why I did that part more gradually. Don’t judge, please, but I started with getting rid of about 45 moving boxes of clothing items last june… 45!!! I sold approximately half of it at the biggest flea market in Europe. The rest I just gave away packed in trash bags calling them “surprise bags”. I just couldn’t deal with all the crap any longer. Yes, crap.  That’s what it always as been. Fast Fashion. Now, I’m ashamed, really. Not towards anyone, but myself. What on earth was I thinking?

Project 333

So, today I started my morning with a good cup of coffee and an article about project 333 that popped up. That was it. Today is the day that I’m finally able to doProject 333! Project 333 will be my channel for april!

Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.

To be honest, I wasn’t able to do 33 items for spring when I started. I got 43. Believe me, that really is an achievement for me, I’m pleased. If Courtney thinks it’s ok to start with a little more to get into it, then why shouldn’t I. It’s still better than not starting at all. Also, I try to eliminate more during the next two weeks. The two pictures on top were all my clothing items for all seasons after the huge clean outs. The two on the bottom was my spring wardrobe. This felt so awesome! I finally got rid of that burden. I also did one for summer but I wasn’t able to photograph it up until know. I also have to do one for autumn already which I won’t be able to do right now. I’ll promise to do another post on this.

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