Introducing mustachianism

If you’ve seen Mustachianism as a topic on my blog, you might have wondered what that is. Unless you’re one of the cult members, you probably have no idea what it means. You might think that it’s some kind of hipster hype.

But don’t get mislead by the mustache!

Pete retired before age 30. Because he left everybody stunned asking how, he started a financial advise blog called Mr. Money Mustache.  The way he makes money has mostly to do with the way he lives. Because of that, his blog evolved more into a lifestyle design blog. That lifestyle is called Mustachianism. It’s so different to what mainstream people are used to that you either hate it or love it. Those who adore it, call themselves Mustachians.  The slogan of the blog describes Mustachianism as:

Financial freedom through badassity.

That’s great, but it’s also still pretty vague. Since there is not a clear definition in the dictionary and since all members seem to automatically grasp the concept, I asked a few Mustachians to provide a definition. This is what they came up with:

“Conscious. Being aware of your choices & why you’re making them as well as considering the long-term impact on you, family, society & the world/environment. Finally: being happy.”

“Buying freedom with our money rather than things.”

“Living an active DIY lifestyle and refraining from buying stuff that doesn’t bring fulfilment. Oh, and cycling, of course.”

“Learning to be happy with what you do have and with what you don’t. Optimizing the resources you already have available to you, i.e. your body, your income, your time, taxes, while also ignoring all the fluff of a convenience oriented consumer culture.”

“Mastering the art of enough; prioritizing based on real long-term happiness.”

“Knowledge of the impact of your financial choices and how those choices will affect your timeline to reach financial independence and retire.”

Ok, great. But how?

Besides achieving momentum of contentment, there are a lot’s things you can do to be a true Mustachian. Mr. Money Mustache himself summed op the most important:

  • Doing for yourself what others spend money on
  • Limiting cash outflows to needs
  • Planting dollar follicles
  • Replacing active work with passive income streams
  • Pursuing more noble pursuits than paper pushing
  • Understanding and demanding the value of your time and work
  • Measuring current habits
  • Reflecting on those habits and identifying areas needing change
  • Building discipline in all areas of life
  • Question all “conventional” wisdom

What Mustachianism is not.

Frugality is a huge part of Mustachianism. Frugality in and of itself, however, is not the goal. Frugality is the tool to achieve your real goals in case you might not have inherited a fortune, won the lottery or invented a billion dollar app. But keep in mind that Mustachianism is not frugality at all costs. Mustachianism is not living in the most miserly way possible, to keep from spending money, and berating others for making different choices with their money. That’s just considered being cheap & obnoxious. Mustachians are everything but cheap and obnoxious.

That sound pretty hippie…

but it’s not. Mustachians are also pretty profane with a no-nonsense mentality and bad-ass ways to save money. Face-punching is encouraged!

Just give it a try.


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