Just do it

Procrastination. [proh-kras-tuhney-shuh n]. Noun. The action of delaying or postponing something. Mostly applied when trying something new.  Always fueled by fear.

The first step really is the hardest. There is just one solution for this.

Just do it.

Yes. Nike was right. Just do it.

Just start. If you fail the first time, who cares!? Failing is still better than not trying. Because you learn from failing. You don’t learn from nothing. Pretty sure, though, you won’t even fail. If you don’t know where to start, who cares?! Often, there is no right or wrong in this. And if there is, you’re back to the failing part. Therefore, you have nothing to loose.

Just keep going. It takes as long as it takes. It’s that simple.

Just stop. As long as you’re brutally honest to yourself. Are you really sure the end result of your efforts will not be worth drugging through the drudgery? Then, so be it. Quitting is not a failure when it makes sense.

Just do minimalism.

This is for all the future minimalists who just don’t start living this lifestyle because they prograstinate. Like for real. “Where to start” is the comment I’ve seen the most in the minimalism groups. There are plenty of “how to become a minimalist” methods. The #minsgame, the packing party, project 333, the nobuy challenge, the 2017-challenge, the Kon Mari and so on. All these methods fight to be crowned to be the best method. While they are all great, there are so many that it might make you stop doing it altogether. You’ll stop before you’ve even started. You got overwhelmed. The fear of choosing wrong. But you can’t choose wrong. They are al based on the same rule.

Just do it.

Choose a method. Or don’t. Just grab an item. Do you need it? Do you really like it? If not, get rid of it.

Tadaaa! You just became a minimalist.


2 thoughts on “Just do it

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  1. Love the post! Yes, we all need to just do it. I have stuff from 20 years ago I need to give away. I need to get with the program I guess.


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