#No Spend on Crap Year

I’m back. Not sure for how long, though. I don’t seem good at posting regularly, because. Well, because life happens. Apparently, I needed a break when my mom died, even though I started this blog when she was still alive struggling to survive. When her energy left, mine did with hers.

Now, my energy is slowly coming back.

The last few months also made the wish I have for a couple of years even stronger: I don’t want to depend on anything transient. Yes, that’s stupid. Everything on earth is transient. Therefore my goal is illusive. I know that. Als long as I want to experience this life, I have to fulfill basic needs: food, shelter, clothing. Though, I can try to get as far as possible. I can try to live as little attached as possible.

No, I’m not becoming a monk. I’m way too human for that. Sure, I have accomplished a lot already to become closer to my goal. What I recognized in the past weeks, though, is that irrespective of all the decluttering and getting out of debt, I still spend money unwisely once in a while. Too often, to be honest. It’s not always stuff I need. It’s mostly stuff I thought I need, but didn’t. I can do better. So, it’s time to bring my not-spending to another level.

Because of all this, I’m doing a No Buy Stuff Year in 2018.

I have done a No Buy Month last year. It was difficult. It was also worth it. This time I hope the difficulty of it will fade away with more time and effort put into it so that only growth is left behind. I’m doing it because of the difficulty of it, not despite of it. The goal is to eliminate the urge to buy.

Cold turkey drug rehab style.

Right now, I’m setting the rules and I will post these in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Edit: The plan is done you can find it right here


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