Lead by example

My partner in crime is not a minimalist. Thankfully, he is not a maximalist, either. The art of tidying up is just not one of his specialties according to my standards. But the longer I practice minimalism, the more I see a change in him. Today this conversation happened.

“I just found a bunch of shirts in the basement.”

“I know, honey, we put them there because you weren’t wearing them anymore, but you also didn’t want to get rid of them.”

“These shirts are ugly, what was I thinking.”

“It was trendy when you bought them and you looked good in them.”

“How can I look good in something, but later not anymore? It’s nice or it’s not.”

“That’s what fashion does. It makes you believe that today it’s nice and tomorrow it’s not.”

“I hate fashion, it makes no sense. From now on I only wear black pullovers, white shirts. and blue jeans. I will get rid of all the rest.”

“Ok, honey.” <screaming inside and jumping up and down in my mind by joy>


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