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People often ask what books to read. Down below you find a list of good books about minimalism, mustachianism, environmentalism and other cool -isms related to Intentionalista topics. This is not a must read, as you must not do anything.

There is no particular order in greatness or difficulty. The list covers the books I enjoyed on levels nice read up to absolutely mind-blowing. I decided to not review the books because I don’t want you to start reading prejudiced by me or anyone elses personal opinion. I categorized the books so you don’t have to choose completely blind. Keep in mind, though, that most books cover several topics.

If you think a certain book is missing, please tell me in the comment section. I love to read your book recommendations!












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      1. oh ok, that’s fine. I don’t own one tangible book anymore, I use a kindle. So I don’t have any to share 😦 (If I would, I would have passed them on to you!) Maybe the library? What I do now is that I have a month of Amazon prime for free and some kindle books are for free, then, including a few on the list. You can download a lot in a month!


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