No Spend Week 1

First week of the #nospendoncrapyear is almost over! It’s just a week so, no, that one wasn’t unbearable. I am disappointed, though, that there was not one day no money left this house. Yet, when you analyze why, most were monthly or yearly bills. It is january after all.

So weird but on day 1, Monday, the urge to buy was bigger than ever before. Is it because I’m not allowed to? Is it really that obvious? That, if you you’re not allowed to do something, your inner three-year old gets released?

On day 2 I had my first required replacement, which was a helix piercing. Of course, I lost my old now, this year! I said hello to Murphy and bought a new cheap one, so that my piercing I’d like to keep will not become overgrown.

The next day, day 3, mister and I decided to really make our dream happen this year . We’re so exited to go on a that long-term trip I told you earlier about. Having a specific (and expensive) goal makes not spending any money sooooooo much easier! Even my mister is not going to spend a dime. These were his words, I swear. Since he doesn’t know that I’m on a #nospendoncrapyear, he decided that on his own. You know how easy it gets when you remind each other, not just one nagging at the other, that this costs you 2 days to sleep in a comfortable bed during our trip every time the inner spending monster is lurking? Without planning on it, I got an accountability partner and a supporter in one! This day couldn’t get any better.

On day 4 I asked my manager about the possibilities of a sabbatical in 2018. I just asked him right away and that worked out fine. He had one condition. He wants to know the exact date and duration as soon as possible. We need to get to work right away. Which is fine with me. Personally, I don’t like procrastinating. When I want something, I want it now! If I don’t, I want to be done with it now!

Somewhere back in my mind I knew and I felt it for a long time that we will experience something exciting in 2018. Our goal is the probably real reason why my #nospendoncrapyear does not include experiences! As if the #nospendoncrapyear was meant to help us realise this dream from the start. Like I made an unconsious decision here. At least, I think so. Fingers crossed we make it to and through the sabbatical without any spending on things for it.

On day 5 I did wat I planned at the beginning of the week, namely shop online for good sustainable reusable bags to carry veggies and fruits when doing zero waste groceries. Right now, I don’t have any. I found the ones I would like to buy, but decided to wait a little longer. Actually, I’m already doing my package free groceries without bags. The only one who has a problem with me not putting things in bags is the cashier. I can live with that.

Day 6 was the day I decided to stay at my current gym. My gym is probably the cheapest gym out there. On top of that, I get a 40% discount, as my work let me pay the gym with my gross income. If that wasn’t enough, I pay what’s left to be paid with my vacation days, I never use them up anyways (I have 30 paid vacation days national excluding holidays. Europe is great) It almost feels that I go to the gym for free. Somehow I got convinced by gym friends that we need to get a more expensive gym. More luxury. € 70 a month, no discount! The one who left first was my gym partner in crime, especially for kickboxing. That made me decide in favour of this hideous decision, but I had to wait ’till may. Fortunately, I had to wait. Now, it doesn’t sound like a need or experience anymore. It sounds like crap. This is so not me. Why pay for all the unnecessary luxury when you get everything you need for almost free including classes? Why not go to kickboxing class by myself? I’m not shy, why the hesitation all of a sudden? On that day, saturday, I went to the class by myself. It was totally fine. No need to panic. Don’t make yourself dependent. Stay wise. Stay real.

Today, day 7 and a sunday, is for groceries at the local market. That is enough shopping for one day, I won’t make any mistakes. Promise.

Did you join? How was your first week of not spending?

One tip for those who struggle: Something that I do that keeps me from buying 90% of things I don’t need is looking at where and how the item is made. If it is made in China or another country that the products are usually cheaply made, I put it back. This rule for me has saved me a lot during the time I paid off my student loan.

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