NoSpend in February


I have failed.

Men, I feel defeated. It was only February and I already had bought something that is not on my exception list. I can find hundreds of excuses why this would be an exception on top of the exceptions, but, unfortunately, this is not how this game works. It’s a hard game, I have to say. Doing a no spend year in western society is like walking in a minefield. You’re not focused enough for one split second and BOOM, you lost. Like Super Mario who gets eaten by the piranha plant.

So, what happened?

Reason number one why I bought something is probably because I find February to be a ridiculously difficult month to stick to this challenge. The excitement of this fresh project as I felt it in January is gone. Winter blue, however, sticks around, still. For me this is the perfect cocktail of elements to fail. Willpower had to take over from excitement, but it didn’t.

Reason number two is that I, for some unknown reason, got bad skin. It’s getting worse day by day and I really don’t know why. I’m not used to it and it makes me feel uneasy. This is where insecurities come into play. Freud was the one who realized that people’s insecurities drove them to excess and overcompensation. I have nothing to add to that conclusion. Insecurities do make you weak. Marketeers live off of that. At the moment when I felt the pressure to change my skin situation asap, I turned into a gazelle running from cheetahs. This particular cheetah came out of nowhere. The cheetah was a charming vlogging girl on Youtube that got rid of acne who also happens to have a coupon code worth 75% off of a skin cleaning brush right in the middle of the screen to be clicked and bought in an eye blink. Yes, it was that quick and easy to make me fail.

Don’t judge me.

Just return it I hear you say. I would if it would make sense. This impulse reaction got me buying from an American webshop. Because of that shipping that thing back from Europe would be more expensive than keeping it. On the other hand, sending it back anyway would be a statement to myself, though. Like some kind of stupid tax for minimizing the damage. Maybe I will. However, I really do need one if it proofs to be helpful as many claim. I wanted to try one for a long while now. This brush, or a similar one would have made it through the exception test. I just forgot to put it on my exceptions list at the beginning of this challenge and wait for a month. Also I should have been done more research before buying.

On a scale on one to ten of how bad this purchase is, I give it a 6. But bad is bad, so I’m still indecisive about what to do with it. I’ll think about it a little longer probably. Hopefully, you have some good advice on what to do here. In the meantime, I’ll keep on going with this challenge. Since giving up is the only sure way to fail, quitting after the first attempt is not an option. Fortunately, I can have more than one life in this game, just like Mario.

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