NoSpend in March

March has been a very good month. Everything get’s easier as soon as spring arrives!

First the money review:

  • For a while now, I thought of selling my scooter after winter. Having a scooter in the biggest bike city in the world is like swearing in church. Plus there are several other reasons why selling it is a wise choice. Also, a true Mustachian bikes! Thus, I sold my scooter to a friend on the same day I told him about it which brought me €900 effortlessly. On top, I figured that I will save an extra €50,- a month on average, too.
  • Oddly enough, I’ve spend €50 less than budgeted on entertainment, though, I had budgeted a little more because of birthday dinners.
  • What you actually want to know is if I have spend money on stuff, right? I’m happy to announce that I haven’t bought anything that wasn’t a true need. Nothing, niente, nada.
  • I did spend money on true needs this month, though: new passport, replacing broken scissors, replacing empty mascara, present for bf’s birthday. All spending was according to my own guidelines.
  • I also spend money a bunch of money which is not really a thing plus it was on my wish list. €325,- to be exact. I bought a Spanish course in order to learn the language before we go on our sabbatical to Latin-America. As of the first of April, I’m going to study the language an hour a day.
  • Wanna know if I’ve returned the facial brush I bought last month? I haven’t. Shipping it back was more expensive than buying it plus I actually use it regularly. Gladly enough, it does improve my skin condition.

While I was on top of my game money wise, self-improvement had been the main topic in March. And that is what you came for to read, right? Because I don’t want you to fob you off with some plain aphorisms, I’m going to put real effort in writing meaningful posts.


In the meantime I show you a funny video of biking Amsterdam.

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