The worstification

“My job coach told me to speak it out loud, so I’m going to tell it to you.”

“That sounds interesting. What is it?”

“I want to open up my own gym. Ugh that’s so hard to say!”

“That is awesome! Knowing you, this makes perfect sense . Why is it hard to say?”

“Because, now, I have to do it.”

“Well, I’m on the side of your coach. Isn’t doing it exactly how you fulfill dreams?”

“Yeah, I know. But I’m scared. Though, I’ve reached all of the goals I made a few yeas ago. I might have to give that up. “

“Girl, when you’ve reached your goals during lifetime, you didn’t aim high enough. New goals are good things! What are you afraid of?”

“I don’t know. So many things, there is so much at risk now that wasn’t there before…”

“Let’s to the worstification check: What would be the worst that could happen?”

“Hmm…let me think….That I have to sell my home if it won’t work out financially.”

“Ok, let’s see…Selling you home if it won’t work out financially is hard pill to swallow, I agree. Still, it could also happen today. The market could crash right now. But then, you haven’t even tried to fulfill your dreams. So that would even be worse. But you haven’t worried about that, haven’t you? So, don’t be too worried about your new goal, either.”

“You are right, though chances are higher that my business will fail.”

“I find that hard to believe. But, ok. Then let’s put the effort in it to lower the chances of that happening, so that it becomes rather fiction. Remember when you was scared at lifting? Now, you’re a pro due to all the effort you’ve put into it. All of a sudden it’s not scary anymore!”

“OMG you’re right! Let’s do it!”

Asking yourself what would be the worst that could happen and then putting it into perspective is the best way to overcome any fear. Is that the only way that can happen now? Is it really that bad? Is not doing it maybe even worse than the worst outcome? Will you be ok anyways? This is my way to step out of my comfort zone. I call it the worstification. It works all the time. Try it!


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