Intentionalista 2.0 and more news!

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” I bet there is nothing more true to life than this. Sometimes, it feels like life happens when you’re making plans.

News nr. 1

Since my last post, my boyfriend a.k.a. my partner in crime and I broke up. The long trip we wanted to do together, is now one I’m doing on my own. Even though going into different directions after more than six years is unpleasant, this change is also very exciting! Yes, I’m going to show you how to pack minimalist for a long trip and how my home looks like when you really get rid of everything that is not a true essential for a furnished rental. Those are coming up next.

News nr. 2

In the meantime, I turned vegan. Another big bom dropped! It’s something I wanted for a long time and now that I’m alone, it’s easy to focus on it. It felt like I can’t life intentional AND be a carnivore at the same time. Not in this world. People’s reactions are very diversified. I’ll tell you more about that another time.

News nr. 3

At the same time, I reconnected with a very good friend of mine who happens to be vegan for a long time now. In addition, we acknowledged that we have very similar values and interests with very different talents…Which makes us a great combo! So, I’m happy to tell you that Intentionalista is not only me anymore, it’s us. We’ve been working on this for about a month now as you can see on Instagram where she already posed several simple vegan recipes, zero-waste ideas and similar. She makes a vegan life easy, I have to tell you.  I’m on it, too, focussing more on minimalism, mustachianism and fitness. Yes, you read it correctly. I reintroduced Instragram for myself. Never say never to anything. It’s so much more fun doing it with someone and that made me value the platform again. I can’t say the same for other platforms.

Go check us out on @intentionalista!

I can’t tell you what will happend with the blog when I’m gone, as I’m intentionally not taking a computer with me. There is not much I can tell you for sure about the future. And I enjoy the feeling of not knowing. It feels like I’m sitting on a train of which I don’t know its ultimate destination. Yet, all seems to fall into place.

Let’s just see what happens next and let’s go with the flow.

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